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A Little About Us

Fashion Meets Purpose

I want to take a moment and Thank each one of you for supporting us!

We truly wouldn't be here without you and we appreciate the support!

I think we can all agree after last year that shopping online has become the new normal. 

It is our hope that when you go to look for that perfect something that we come to mind!

Certainly none of us predicted the year we all endured but I am grateful you are here!

Keeni Clothing Co was started with the intent to make a difference in this changing world. 

After the last year that we had I felt an overwhelming need to help spread some more love into the world!

One of the things I am most passionate about is the fight against modern day slavery. I wanted to help with the aftercare of the survivors and was driven to do something in some way that could contribute to those individuals who are so strong and not only save those survivors but make sure that they have a safe environment to heal.

I started Keeni's Believe Collection to help support those who fight for the survivors of modern day slavery. I knew that my eye for Design could be used for some good and I know that when we are our true authentic selves we can make a difference in this world!  

Thank you for joining me on this Journey I look forward to what 2021 has to bring!

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